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And I bet you expect to read that my headache is due to Mom's visit, right?


On the way back from dropping Mom off at the airport yesterday, I was in a four-car accident. No one was seriously hurt, but I have a headache that just won't quit, and I think my left knee got jammed because I had it bent at the time of impact (and boy, does it hurt today). My headache is at least better than it was last night, but not good enough for me to go to work. (And Advil isn't helping.) I've been trying to read my friends' list and write comments for the last 30 minutes, but it's making my head hurt more. I've called in sick to work, and the more I try to type, the more justified I feel about it. I'm not in shape to work today.

The basics: I was driving home in the rain and the SUV in front of me stopped short. I couldn't stop in time -- wet roads, and I was doing maybe 30 MPH, if that -- so I hit her car. I was then hit by a Jeep Wrangler, which was hit by another SUV. The front end of my car is schmushed, but it's the back that really took a beating. I'm so pissed. Mine was the smallest car in the accident and it sustained the most damage. The three of us behind the initial SUV were charged with following too closely, which I most certainly was NOT. Not sure if I'll bother arguing that with the judge, though. At least the court date isn't until July.

And there is much financial badness around the accident -- I have to borrow the deductible from my parents, along with the money to pay for a rental car, because it turns out that my insurance doesn't cover rental! Apparently it's an add-on, and I was unaware. For a measly $18 every six months, which I would have been glad to pay, I could have had it. But I didn't know that it had to be added, so that's at least $200 I'm going to have to cough up.

The good news is that the auto body shop guy was REALLY nice and is going to do the work as quickly as he can. The problem is that my insurance company is going to do two claims, one for the front end and one for the back end. Which means that getting the back end of the car fixed is at the mercy of the two insurance companies of the people behind me. So who knows how long this will take?

As for our vacation, my Mom and I had a WONDERFUL time The hotel was perfect and we saw the Outer Banks from Corolla to halfway down Hattaras Island. We had lunch in Manteo and wandered through the shops. We also hit the outlet mall near the hotel and had GREAT seafood. I had the best time with my Mommy. It really was great.
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