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I got a weirdly worded compliment today that scared the heck out of me before I learned it was a compliment. The adrenaline rush is still wearing off.

Voice Mail Message: "Hi Lea, this is Doug, Linda's husband. I know that it's not your job to make people feel good or help the family [INSERT HYPERVENTILATION HERE], but I have to tell you that we loved the story you wrote about Linda. We've gotten a lot of calls today from people who enjoyed reading it. You did a good job. Thanks."

For about 10 second there, I thought I had screwed up the obituary big time. Even typing it out gave me terror flashbacks! In case anyone is wondering, this is NOT the way to start a compliment. But at least all's well that ends well.

I've been thinking about my job a lot lately. My annual review is coming up, and they always ask what other jobs you want to do in the newsroom. The past two years, my review has been the start of a new reporting position. Actually, now that I think of it, the majority of my reviews have set me on a new course in the newsroom. Anyway, I've decided that the bottom line is that I'm bored. I love writing the actual stories -- doing the research and interviews, and making someone's life story compelling -- but otherwise, this job sucks. But it does give me steady hours and time to have a life. So I guess I'll share that with the editors and see what they think. I've got probably another six weeks to go before we have the actual meeting, so I'm not all worked up about this. It's just always good to prepare what I'm going to say, to make sure that I say it in the best way possible.


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