Jan. 6th, 2005

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I'm amazed to discover that it feels just as good to clean up my credit report as it does to clean the house. :)

The mortgage broker I talked to on Monday faxed me a copy of my three-in-one credit report. It turned out that I had a medical account that had gone to collections -- and I had never been billed for it. I called the collections people, they researched it and discovered that THEY erred by not using my health insurance information, and they are having the debt removed from my credit report post haste. They also said they could send confirmation of that to my lenders. Woohoo! Two phone calls, and a mystery was cleared up in my favor!

I've also been ordering my credit reports separately, so I can figure out which company keeps listing my closed credit accounts as being open. I'm fixing that, too.

I was also shocked to discover that my FICO score is over 700! I thought that with all the debt I've racked up over the years that I'd be a horrible mortgage risk. Apparently not.

I can still improve my score if I pay down more debt, so I'm going to put my energies into that for the next six months and see where it gets me. Of course, I have no savings so I'll be trying to put together enough money to cover closing costs if/when I buy the house, and I'll be applying for government mortgages that pay the downpayment outright.

I think I have a chance of becoming a homeowner before the year is out!

In other news, I'm actually excited about WORK. We just got an e-mail listing open reporting positions, and they're looking for a feature writer! They haven't hired anyone in the features department the entire time I've been here, and my whole goal of becoming a metro reporter almost five years ago was to eventually return to features as a writer. THIS COULD BE MY CHANCE!

Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)


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