Jan. 11th, 2005

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I had forgotten that suppressed rage and clenched teeth could lead to one hell of a headache.

It's primarily work-related -- the woman who works my weekend left me an even bigger mess to clean up today, including committing me to writing FOUR obits in one day. Which, of course, is not possible, even if I thought they were all worth writing. Which they're not. I was so pissed off that I called her at home to go over all the stuff on the desk that didn't make sense and to tell her not to commit me to ANYTHING again. I'm still pissed.

In other news, the certified letter I sent the ex-roommate-from-hell has not been delivered. The post office attempted to deliver it on Friday, and when no one was home left a notice to come pick it up. Of course, it hasn't been picked up -- not in Richmond and not in Virginia Beach at her parents' house, either. I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone with the post office to arrange for redelivery. Don't you think they'd deliver it again and again until someone was home???? Apparently not. I had to explain to the idiot on the phone that it's one thing if the recipient tells the mailman that she won't accept the letter; it's another thing for the mailman to fail to deliver it. As I pointed out, I will probably need to show a judge that she refused it, or else she'll claim that she never received the notification. Anyway, that was a frustrating 30 minutes.

So I'm pissed off AND annoyed. It's not a great combo. I need a tension-breaking scream. Too bad I can't do one in my office -- it's far from soundproof. As it is, one of the editors heard me yelling "I'm not writing fucking four head obits!" to the papers that Ellen left me. I think the editor was concerned for my sanity.


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