Jan. 19th, 2005

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I'm still apartment-hunting. I've been doing it constantly for the last week, and I'm tired.

I saw my first-choice place on Sunday -- a 2-bedroom house for $550 plus all utilities -- and filled out a rental application. The landlord said she'd decide by the end of the week who she's going to rent to. She had three other apps in addition to mine.

I have a second-choice place that's $75 more per month (plus all utilities ... no one pays for water/sewer/trash anymore, apparently) and has no laundry facilities, in the house or in the apartment. It's the nicest apartment I've seen, and I'd really enjoy the house -- there's just the laundry issue. And the parking issue, since there's no off-street parking and it's in one of those neighborhoods where street parking is cutthroat. (It's west of the Boulevard on Park Ave., for all of you Richmonders out there.)

I was all ready to just take the apartment when I came to work today, because I want to book the movers and generally get this process going. Then I decided to take one last look at a few rental Web sites, and I found a two-bedroom townhouse in an area I'd like to live (off Staples Mill near Parham). It's $630/month with hardwood floors and 866 square feet of space. Also, there's only a $99 deposit (nonrefundable, but I can live with that) and they're doing free rent specials for March. I can't bring my washer/dryer, but there's laundry onsite (as opposed to having to go to a laundromat) or I could rent a portable washer/dryer for $35/month. (It has to be hooked up to the sink because there isn't a washer hookup.)

So. I'm going to see the townhouse tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. And THEN I'm going to make a decision between that and the apartment. I'm not going to hold out for the house because I just need to get this done. I've been so freaked out that I haven't been sleeping and I didn't go to work yesterday because I couldn't handle it. Top it off with the realization that I'm losing my closest friends -- the Dovis -- and I'm not coping well with much of anything.


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