Jan. 28th, 2005

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I'm feeling a little less freaked out, but not by much. I spent many hours on the phone last night with Kerry, my Pinhead, who I've known since we were 4. She's going through a divorce (which sucks) and is experiencing singlehood for the first time in 10 years (which is interesting and mostly fun). So we had a long talk about being single and what men are like at this point in our lives. Very fun. :) It helped me chill out a bunch.

Started packing this morning. Damn, I own a lot of books! I packed five boxes to keep and one to donate, and I'm still not done. The entire house is also now approaching "wreck" status. I know it's to be expected during a move, but I don't like how unsettled it feels. The cats are starting to get freaked out, too.

Tonight, I'm going to finish the books and start packing the kitchen. Man, I don't cook, but I have a lot of stuff in those cupboards! I'm gonna go nuts with the donations, especially since I have a truck coming to the house to pick stuff up. More stuff is going to go since I'm not the one who has to move it. :)

Yesterday, I donated bunches of great clothes to a homeless shelter. I had originally wanted to give the clothes to Dress For Success, which gives interview and work outfits to women who are going from welfare to work, but DFS never got back to me. I wanted the clothes to go to women who didn't have to pay for them, in hopes that the outfits would help with confidence on job interview for them. I almost started a riot at the shelter! It made me happy. The women loved the clothes and couldn't wait to see what there was. That's the best kind of giving, I think: knowing that what you're giving is going directly to the people who need it most.


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