Feb. 11th, 2005

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The good:

* Rob and Phyllis are coming to visit this weekend. YAY!

* Every day, my home is getting a little cozier.

* I have new glasses on order -- and they only cost me $75 out of pocket! Turns out that I have great vision insurance. I'm not paying for the lenses (except to have the anti-glare coating added) and I'm getting $285 frames (with clip-on sunglasses) for $40 out of pocket. Combine all of that with my free eye checkup, and I saved myself about $450 today. WOOHOO!

* Gracie made me do it: I bought two pairs of shoes today. Granted, it was BOGO half-off at Payless, so I only spent $20, but I didn't even buy the type of shoes I was looking for. Typical! It's all Gracie's fault. She chewed up my leather ballet flats (and I only wore them six times, tops!) and I found a replacement pair today. Darn that cat!

* Have you ever had a basic meal that just became ambrosia? That was lunch. YUM!

The bad:

* I have to go to a stupid meeting today about making sure we run a photo with every obit. *rolls eyes* I've been DOING that, but other people (read: editors) have chosen not to run them when we've had them. This meeting is absolutely going to suck. No question. It's not even a meeting for me -- it's for the editors. But I have to go.

* I have *no* motivation to work today. I have three possible obits to write, but none of them are calling to me. They're all in that gray area: I *could* write something, but there's no *compelling* reason to write about any of them. And I've already written four obits this week -- which is rare to do every five days, let alone to write four obits in three days. So I think I'm skipping these guys.

* I'm tired. For the last several weeks, it's been rare for me to have a morning to myself, to do nothing but sleep or lounge. I actually got up at 8:30 this morning! It's good that I'm using my mornings to be productive, but I hate how it feels when I don't get any down time. And I realized this morning that I haven't turned over a new leaf and become a morning person, which I've been priding myself on lately. No, I keep waking up early because my bedroom has southern exposure and WAY too much light gets in through the curtains!

The ugly:

* My bank account. My tax return has vanished and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pay the other $150 for my orthodics when I pick them up next week. Somewhere along the way, I spent too much money on fun stuff (like my hour-long massage on Tuesday!). I love it when I do that, but I hate it when I face the financial reality.

* Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. It just has to be said: ICK.
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I wonder how much it would cost to make my little closet of an office soundproof? Because I need to be able to scream on a daily basis if the bullshit of the last two weeks keeps happening.


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