Apr. 6th, 2005

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I just got a call from one of my favorite funeral directors who works in Charlottesville. Tony is a real character -- he's been in the biz so long that he was working when funeral homes did ambulance work. He's met Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe and has a story for every occasion. He's a great guy. I love his phone calls.

So Tony calls up today not to give me info to run in the deaths list, BUT TO SET ME UP ON A DATE. I'm SO amused!!!

Apparently, a casket salesman named Adam was paying a call on Tony and happened to tell Tony that he only just moved to Richmond last fall. Tony promptly calls me and puts Adam on the phone so we can get together. I am somehow not surprised, but this was the first time Adam had met Tony so he was just trying to keep his wits about him. All I can do is laugh.

So Adam is 26 and from Indiana originally. He came to Richmond via California. He gave me his number so I can call him. Why not? I figure it just might be an interesting time. How often do you meet a casket salesman, I ask you? Probably as often as you meet an obituary writer.

This has made my day, mirth-wise. I think I'm gonna be chuckling about this one for the rest of the shift!


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