Apr. 14th, 2005

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I pretty much got nothin' today.

It's beautiful out and I'm stuck in my closet/office. I came to work 90 minutes early to go to our weekly meeting about the summer high school journalism workshop, which means I'm working a 9.5 hour day. I hate that.

It's Thursday but in my mind it's only, like, Tuesday. Or maybe Wednesday.

I did a mess of online job-hunting yesterday. I found a few jobs I'd consider applying for, but I'm not really excited about any of them. Perhaps I'm just too burnt out to be objective.

I e-mailed the AVMA's human resources director to make sure that they had received my application. I did it on Tuesday. There's still no answer. That does not make me feel good about the organization being on the ball.

I'm going to go look for busy work now.
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I may get a roommate this fall -- someone I know and like!

My friend Diana is a VCU kinetic imaging student who works in the newsroom as a copy messenger (fixes the copier, does the mail, runs printouts around to editors, etc.). She's very cool -- some of you have met her -- and her living arrangements for next year have fallen through. So I asked her if she wanted to move into my place!

Granted, I said that I didn't want another roommate, but I've known Diana for almost two years. We're both moody and bitchy, but we've also both lived with roommates so we know how to play nice. :) I may have to put some stuff in storage to make room for her, but my apartment complex offers on-site storage. So it's OK. Plus she has a bigger TV than I do!

Diana is going to come look at the apartment this weekend, but I think it'll meet her approval. We talked about rent and utilities, and because she's a starving undergrad (but she went to school late, so she's 24), I'm not charging her 50 percent exactly. With rent and utilities, I'm going to charge her about $400 a month. She can afford it without hiking up her student loans, and it gives me breathing room for finding a new job!!!!!

I really hope this works out, because I'm feeling so much better about the job hunt. I've missed having company around the house (although I haven't missed most of the actual people I lived with). I can definitely use the money. And the cats will have more company and I'll have a live-in cat sitter! Diana loves cats, so she said she considers George and Gracie a bonus.

If this works out, then I can stop looking for a job in another state and really focus on Richmond. WOOHOO!!!


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