May. 6th, 2005

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I feel like I'm flying! It might be lack of sleep, but mostly it's because I've had a very affirming day today. Check it out:

* I met with Tom, my favorite editor of all time who is now a journalism professor at the University of Richmond. It was a 90-minute "Lea is awesome!" fest! Tom always helped me feel like I could do ANYTHING, and I trust his opinion because he's a damn good journalist. He says I should have the RMC job in the bag. I hope so!

* I talked to my AmyMom for 45 minutes and had a much-needed laughfest. Because that's my response to Daniel getting married: uncontrollable laughter! And it had been a while since I had talked to AmyMom, so it was great all the way around.

* I talked to [ profile] dvnmsm for the first time! I totally regret not being able to play hooky with her today, but we ARE going to the Peter Murphy concert! (I even booked my ticket!) And she said all the stuff I needed to hear about Daniel. Another great conversation.

* I *finally* found the perfect place for me and my Mom on the Outer Banks! It's called the Surf Side Hotel, and it's in Nags Head. It doesn't have the atmosphere I was looking for, but it *does* have a wide-open balcony view of the ocean, and that's exactly what Mom wants. AND it's only $121 per night! To top off the wonderfulness, I got us the LAST oceanside room available! GO ME!

* The very best thing of all: I called my Dad (to ask him to PayPal me some cash because I used all but my last 30 cents to book the room) and found out that my Mom is -- get this -- BACK ON HER MEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad said she's been fine for the last few weeks. Nothing's bothering her the way it had been. I am SO thrilled that she decided to do it. I don't think that it was anything I said that got her to do it, or if it was, I only reinforced something that she had already been thinking. This is going to make our weekend together a lot easier, AND I can stop worrying about my parents' marriage. I had already decided to do that anyway, but this makes me feel like I'm doing it from a position of strength and self-determination, not out of frustration.

Today has been mind-blowingly good. I have lots of obits to do, but I feel like I have the energy to tackle them all!


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