May. 10th, 2005

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And of course, I don't want to go to work.

I had a great weekend. I didn't leave the house, except to go to the laundry building. I spent Sunday reading and relaxing and watching TV, and I spent Monday doing a major house cleaning. I moved a bunch of furniture to start making room for Diana's stuff -- which she's going to store here over the summer, before she officially moves in -- and I even put more stuff up on the walls. I'm really glad I did, too, because this place is starting to feel more and more like home.

I would love another day off to luxuriate in the great weather and my clean house and my aching muscles from all the work I did yesterday. But it's off to another day in the closet, writing about dead people.

I'm feeling a bit discouraged about the job I applied for last week, too. It's almost a week to the day that I turned in my resume, and I haven't heard from them. The ad was not in Sunday's paper, although it's still on the college's Web site, so I'm trying to have faith that the hiring process is still ongoing. But who knows? My contact there said that time was of the essence in filling the position, which is what leads me to believe that if I haven't heard from them by now that I won't. But it's always possible that time moves more slowly in higher education than in the world of daily newspapering.

If I don't even get to interview for this job, I'll be crushed. And of course, it'll be back to the drawing board for me. I have no idea where I'll apply next. There were two other PR jobs advertised in the newspaper last week, but one was working for the (slimy) PR guy in a local government, and the other was handling "brand management" at the VA Methodist Home for Boys. "Brand management" indicates that more marketing skills than what I possess would be necessary for the position. And I don't think I'd enjoy "brand management," either. *sigh*

I just have to hang in there and keep my fingers crossed.


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