May. 13th, 2005

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I'm doing OK today. Any day I can say that is a good day.

The good stuff in my life:

* I bought my Dragon*Con membership. WOOHOO!!!!! And to anyone out there who hasn't done so yet, do it today. After today, the membership price goes up to $70. Today, it's $60.

* I'm going to Diana's '80s party after work tonight! I've got my pink polo shirt, my pearls and several pairs of pink and white socks to complete the outfit. Much alcohol will be imbibed and much dancing will be done, if it's anything like Diana's last party. Woohoo!

* I got a great e-mail from [ profile] polargirrl, who I talked to briefly a couple of weeks ago and haven't had time to call back. She's good. Which makes me happy.

* Sunday will contain much happiness! Hanging out with [ profile] dvnmsm and the Peter Murphy concert! And I've decided that I need to spend money at IKEA, because there's a desk and a CD rack I need there. The desk is necessary now because ...

* I have someone coming to look at the apartment on Monday. Yay! So far she sounds sane, but I'm going to be very careful about who I choose for a roommate. There also might be some summer interns that don't have places to live yet, and if that's the case, I'd rather take in one of them instead of someone I don't know at all. I've lived with newspaper interns before, and they made the BEST roommates. So I think the roommate thing is gonna happen.

* I just ate a piece of Ukrop's fried chicken. I'm topping off lunch with Ukrop's traditional potato salad, so I can feel like I'm on a picnic in my closet. Nirvana!

* All of my bills for this pay period are PAID! It usually takes me three or four days to get my bills done after I get paid, but not today. It's all done! The advantage to this is that I know how much money I have to spend at IKEA and Peter Murphy. I feel some retail evilness coming on!

* And work is quiet for the first time since I got back from Philly. YAY!

Even with all that good stuff, there's some not-so-great stuff:

* I found out this week that the hiring process at the college where I applied for the publication director position has been slowed WAY down. The HR director told me that they've hired an "interim" person to do the job but are still looking to hire someone "full time" (whether that means permanently or implies that the interim can only work part time, I have no idea). Anyway, because this is the busy season for the college -- graduation is Memorial Day weekend -- it sounds like they won't be interviewing anytime soon. And the HR director also said, "We've done some interviews." Obviously, the interviews were not done with me. So I suspect that I don't really have a shot at this job. After all, if they have an interim employee, why would they do much more interviewing for the job? They can just hire the interim. Anyway, we'll see. I'm not hopeful, but I'm not totally discouraged yet either.

* I had a dream last night about Daniel's wedding -- namely that he was marrying his sister (who in the dream was his half-sister, so that made it OK; in real life, they are not half-siblings) and I was AT the wedding! It was a strange wedding, at something that was like a Ren Faire or outside camp but with buildings that were related to some kind of religious camp. Anyway, I wasn't supposed to be there but my friends made me go with them -- including a friend who I haven't seen in years and never met Daniel. The most disturbing part of the dream was that Daniel had someone hand out "gifts" to people, and I got one (a surprise, since he wasn't supposed to know I was there) that was made of shredded cloth and had some kind of biblical saying attached to it that said I was a horrible person or something. It was all very, very strange, and I REALLY hope that I never dream about him or his wedding again. I suspect it was brought on by my visit to my therapist yesterday, because we talked about Daniel's impending nuptuals and how they don't matter to me emotionally. Anyway. ICK!

On that note, I'm back to the dead people.


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