May. 16th, 2005

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I'm serious, for once. It really was!

Day started with a controlled shopping trip at IKEA. I actually got out of there for less than $70 and with only three things I wasn't planning on buying! That's restraint, baby.

Then finally, after some running up and down the stairs at IKEA, [ profile] dvnmsm and I finally met up! We fell in like we had known each other FOREVER. A quick trip through candles and curtains at IKEA gave way to lunch at Uno's. Then MORE SHOPPING! I scored a tweed blazer at the Old Navy Outlet for $20, and [ profile] dvnmsm got the BEST dress on total sale at Hot Topic! We had fun at HT, and I even grabbed some black lipstick that I then forgot to wear to the Peter Murphy show.

Shopping led to chilling out at Casa Mandi for a couple of hours with HowERD before we got ready for the concert. We drove into D.C. in half the time Mandi predicted, but once we got to the 9:30 Club, Mandi realized that she needed to get back home. I wish she could have stayed for the show, but we still had a great day.

And then ... PETER MURPHY.

I walked into the club at the EXACT moment he took the stage. And damn, did he take it! It was the best concert I've been to in years, and perhaps second only to when I saw Sting in 1991. I've loved Peter's music for almost a decade, but I passed up the chance I had to see him in 2000. I will never, EVER miss a show of his again if I can help it! He was onstage for 90 minutes and was riveting. His voice live was AMAZING -- like his albums, but BETTER. He played several of my favorites, and the rest of the set was from his latest album, which I will be picking up ASAP. Honestly, words are not adequate to describe was tonight was like. The only way I can put it is that his voice helped me find a part of myself that I didn't know was missing. Damn, but I wish I could follow the tour for a few stops! ([ profile] artphag81, I hope you were there, because I know you would have loved it as much as I did!)

Of course, I bought a concert T-shirt, something else I haven't done in forever. I feel like such a fangirl. :)

I'm still so hyped on the whole day that I have no idea if I'll get to sleep tonight. Really, it was just awesome.


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