Jun. 15th, 2005

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So I talked to Cute Intelligent Boy last night (otherwise known as Scott). Turned out that he had figured out that I worked at the newspaper, got my full name from my byline, Googled me and read a bunch of my work. That's flattering, if a little eerie. I wasn't sure if I should be weirded out or take it as a compliment.

We chatted for a while, and of course, he got even more fascinating -- he spent the last eight years in Europe and Eastern Europe, working for all kinds of places, including doing disaster relief in Croatia during the war. He has a degree in English and French literature, went to college in New York City, and is doing freelance writing to pay the bills at the moment. On the down side, I *think* he's living with his parents, since he just returned from Europe, but I didn't ask directly.

So after about 20 minutes of chatting, he says, "So when are we getting together?" I had already explained to him about my crazy-ass schedule from now until July, but he really pushed hard to get together soon. When I relented and told him I didn't have a bar to suggest, he said, "We could meet at your house." Now, if it hadn't been 1 a.m. and I hadn't beyond exhausted, the warning bells would have gone off there. Instead, I pointed out that my house is covered in cat hair (true) and there were no guarantees that I'd have time to clean before July (also true). I told him that maybe we'd get together next week and we hung up.

That, of course, was when I realized that we needed to meet in a public, well-lit place, for safety's sake. I decided that the best thing to do would be to have him come out to Goth Night at Mars Bar, so that I'd be surrounded by friends and have a good time (and have backup) if things went badly. Or he turned out to be a stalker.

Before I even had a chance to call him today, he e-mailed me at my work address -- which I hadn't given him, but appears at the bottom of all my non-obituary stories. It's not hard to get, but I was slightly creeped out. He just said thanks for the phone call and he hoped to hear from me again (which was cool).

So. I am meeting Scott at Mars Bar tonight. You're all welcome to join me. I know that Leighton will be there, and we're going to work on a get-me-away-from-this-creep signal for me to use if I need it. But I honestly am not sure whether Scott is eager or a stalker. Obviously I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt since I'm meeting him tonight, but I want to hear what other people think -- especially guys. Any ideas?


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