Mar. 14th, 2005

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I just spent a couple of hours polishing my resume and getting my clips together to send to Roanoke. All I need is an OK from two of my three references and a kick-ass cover-letter, and then it's done.

I spent Sunday being sick, lying on the couch and napping. I didn't have the energy to think much, but it occurred to me that I need to answer a question that I once asked He Who Shall Not Be Named: If you could work for any newspaper in the country, where would it be and what kind of job would you have?

Because now that I know I'm not done with newspapers, it's time for me to seriously look at moving to a paper in another part of the country. I'm not sure where, though, because I'm not sure what's important to me in a community. It used to be that access to Buffy was most important. *grin* And I refuse to deal with lots of snow or extreme humidity. Which leaves North Carolina, the Southwest, and California. Then I have to figure out what kind of job I'd want to have at what size newspaper, then find my ideal job in my ideal climate.

I'm meeting with the career counselor next week, and I'm still going to explore options other than journalism. I discovered today that I had written my perfect, albeit vague, job description on a resume last year: I am seeking "A position that utilizes my strong writing, communication and organizational skills in a way that benefits the community." It's still true. I just need to figure out the where and the how.


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